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Top Spring and Summer Car Care Tips

The holiday season is well past and the beginning of not just a new year but a new decade is upon us. We will have many reasons to travel through the decade, both figuratively and literally! The seasons in Safety Harbor are quite different from most of our country. We feel spring, summer, autumn, and winter in varying degrees and often not during the window of time described on a calendar. For us, it is reasonable to be discussing spring & summer car care in February!

Here are a few quick and easy pointers that can prevent bigger concerns when you least want them.

This problem can happen literally overnight

While our area may not experience the frigid temperatures that are common north of us, we have dips in temperatures that affect tire pressures. Most newer cars have tire pressure sensors (TPS) that will alert the driver of low tire pressure. Some even display each tire pressure on your dash to help catch overinflated tires. However, not all of us drive new cars. Florida temperatures may fluctuate 20, 30 or more degrees within a short time frame.

Assuming the correct size tires are installed on your vehicle, always follow the inflation pressure recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual. Or refer to the tire information label located in the glove box or on the driver’s door jamb. The car manufacturer recommended tire pressure is conducive for optimum fuel mileage and tire wear. The simple step of monitoring your tire pressure (including the spare), can save you in costly downtime and hundreds of dollars by preventing a flat tire! Checking the tire pressure when the tires are cold is more accurate. Consider checking the tire pressure regularly every time you get fuel or every 10 degrees of change in temperature. Reputable independent auto repair facilities are often happy to help monitor your tire pressures free of charge. They can offer information above and beyond a PSI number.

If you need a charge, don’t get jolted! Have your battery checked!

Up north, friends and family may experience a dead battery due to frigid temperatures. In our area, it is an excellent time to check your car battery health before our extreme heat begins. Our high summer temps can often zap a weak battery more quickly than cold temperatures! Start the summer with a strong battery and recheck it in 6 months if your battery is three or more years old.

Additionally, newer car batteries often don’t provide any warning that they are about to fail. We are happy to test your battery and provide you a printout showing the battery health. Also, don’t forget all reputable battery manufactures carry a warranty on their batteries. We offer AC Delco batteries that include a 3-year warranty that provides free replacement for failed batteries. Our customers find these batteries worth the investment by either achieving greater longevity in battery life or the reassurance that they won’t need to pay for another battery within three years.

I can see clearly…

Our winter months have been slightly rainier than what most of us would consider typical, so we may not be as caught off guard to replace our windshield wiper blades this year. Regardless, our winter rain is barely a match for the sudden torrential downpours we experience in the summer months. Typically, our quality OEM replacement wiper blades need only be changed once a year. March or April are usually good months to consider this annual investment. 

Reach out to us for any concerns! We would love to get to know you better and we are happy to help!

May you A/C blow cold and sunscreen always be available!