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Spring Cleaning: Car, Home & Work

Emotion Creates Memories.

We are experiencing a history-making event as I write this piece. I can’t imagine anyone reading this article that doesn’t have some type of emotion that correlates to COVID-19 in their life. As a small business, we admit there are some uncertain and promising times ahead of us that stem from circumstances out of our control. However, we will do our part to help our community get through these trying times.

On a lighter note,

there is no better time to think about all things Spring Cleaning! When it comes to a business, we often don’t even notice when areas are clean and orderly because that’s what we should expect. We do discern when places are dirty and out of sorts, though.  

This sentiment follows many of us from home to car to work. Often times, we have monthly, weekly and daily chores to help keep our lives and stuff clean and tidy. If you follow these types of schedules, then seasonal tasks will not be as daunting!  

From your car’s perspective,

the peak pollen season is over for now in our area. You may hear someone ‘had their car detailed’ and this is what they mean; Spend the time, or hire someone to do a deep clean inside and out of all your vehicles.  

As pollen, road grim and everything else accumulates on the paint surface of your car, it is much easier to scratch your paint if someone brushes up against it. Or a pesky kid decides to finger write “wash me” on the surface of your car! A thorough exterior wash and wax is a must. If your vehicle doesn’t have fresh a coat of wax at least once a year, consider an extra step called ‘claying.’ Claying is where a clay-like compound is used to remove embedded contaminants from your car’s clear coat.

This extra step will make the waxing step easier. And, help ensure your car achieves that smooth, shiny protective coat from the wax many of us desire. Additionally, older vehicles benefit from claying periodically, even if they are waxed regularly. If your car is waxed and yet doesn’t have the shine it used to have, a clay bar treatment will likely help.

For the allergy-prone,

I would recommend having the interior thoroughly wiped down and vacuumed. Shampooing the carpet goes a long way to get the pollen out of your life!  


have your air and cabin air filters inspected. Your car’s filters can become unexpectedly dirty in a short amount of time under certain circumstances, such as pollen season. Filters should be inspected with every oil change and proper maintenance. But if they were overlooked or still had some life the last time they were checked, please consider inspecting and replacing as needed sooner than later. You and your car will appreciate it!  

Reputable auto repair shops will strive to help you keep your car in optimal condition while leaving no trace behind when working on your vehicle.  

As a parting thought,

 Emotion Creates Memories.  If we or any other small business can make your version of Spring Cleaning better, please reach out!  

Spring Cleaning