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The Importance of the Oil Change!

I’ve come to learn that assumptions can be bad, but let’s assume we all know we need to change the oil in our vehicles, with electric vehicles being the exception. However actually getting our oil changed and at proper intervals doesn’t always happen.

Oil drain

One of the perks of living in Safety Harbor is having all the modern conveniences within a few short miles. Even thinking of yourself as a road-warrior commuting several miles a day, often doesn’t put many actual miles on your car each month, BUT it puts time on your engine. 

Be Cautious of Manufacture Recommendations

Most auto manufactures are promoting extended time between necessary oil changes.  What used to be a standard recommendation of 3,000 miles has long since evolved into 5,000 as the minimum time between oil changes, with some circumstances being as high as 15,000 miles!  This notion is where the guidance based on mileage gets a little sticky for motorists in our locality! Especially when we don’t consider the longevity of the oil filter or the inevitable fact that the car’s fuel will contaminate the oil because both are circulating through the engine. 

At Duane’s we were already seeing many cars come in for oil changes or even something else to find out it had been a year or more without an oil change simply because they were within the mileage threshold!  Once people started getting back on the roads and back to some sense of normality after over a year of extensive disruptions from the infamous COVID pandemic that still lingers today, we’ve had even more occurrences of folks not getting their oil changed in a year or more.

Engine Oil – For the Life of your car!

Every time you start your car, from the first start after an oil change, the oil begins to wear and becomes slightly contaminated from the simple process of running through your car’s engine.  Most of our cars use a synthetic blend oil. The added synthetic base stock means you’re going to get more performance and protection than you would by using conventional oil alone. However, a blend and even full synthetic will naturally break down over time, as will the oil filter.

Driving a car requires basic maintenance to get the most and best life out of the vehicle.  On average we recommend an oil & filter change every 6 months. Even the most expensive oil change is a relatively small investment to reap the benefits of an overall safety inspection while getting the oil changed.  This 6 month routine is a good opportunity to have new windshield wipers installed, have the washer fluid topped off, replace any air filters and check the remaining life of brake pads as well as tires.  This practice every 6 months can help you plan for future maintenance needs as well as prevent small problems from becoming bigger & more costly repairs.  It can also help keep your vehicle out of the shop as often by consolidating maintenance and repairs into one visit.

Always get more than just the Oil Change!

As a way to encourage drivers to understand the importance of not only the oil change, but the safety inspection that goes along with our routine oil changes, we are offering a special rate of $49 for an oil & filter change using the factory recommended oil and filter for your specific vehicle.  Duane’s services most cars and light duty trucks while specializing in Lexus & Toyota.  We stock a variety of oil filters and common synthetic blend  motor oil to enable same day service.  We can also send your used oil in for testing to see the condition of the oil to help you better gauge how frequently you really need to change your oil in your personal vehicle! We encourage you to stop by or schedule your appointment to take advantage of our special! Call or text 727-725-4373