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New Car!

Ah, the joy of acquiring a new car or at least a vehicle that is new to you! Most vehicles today have a seemingly endless list of features. Safety, performance, comfort, and technology to list a few. It is easy to let the excitement of a new car distract us from the reality of the commitment to maintaining our new vehicle. Anyone that has ever experienced the joy of a new puppy to soon realize the real time and energy behind taking care of our furry friend could attest to that idea!

Free Maintenance?

It’s no secret that when you are shopping for a new car, any salesperson you work with has a vested interest to sell or lease you a vehicle. Often times, car dealerships have their own service departments that they prefer you utilize for your car. In some cases, the salesperson can offer you a maintenance package. Regardless of any cost associated with this added feature, please be sure you completely understand what you are getting.  And in turn, what your obligations are in the future for the routine maintenance of the vehicle. What happens if you move and the current dealership is no longer convenient? What happens if you miss a scheduled service?  If you sell or trade the vehicle before the service package expires, does it go with the car or might you be eligible for a prorated refund?

Your Choice

These are all valid considerations.  At Duane’s Dealer Alternative, we believe it’s your car and your choice when it comes to all your routine maintenance and repair needs. Whether purchased or leased, you are entitled to have your new vehicle, which is still under the original factory warranty, serviced at the location of your choice.


Any qualified auto repair facility provides all the backup needed to help you maintain your original factory warranty. Your receipt, otherwise known as a Repair or Work Order, details the parts and labor for any work performed on your vehicle. Ideally, keep all this information together. The day may come when you require warranty service, which does have to be performed at an authorized dealership.  Then you may need to verify you have been maintaining the vehicle within the recommended factory guidelines. Independent auto repair shops understand this requirement and should always assist you in helping make sure you do at least the minimum maintenance to your car.  This is to maintain your factory warranty in good standing.   


There are several qualified, locally owned independent auto repair shops, and Duane’s Dealer Alternative is one of them.  Our small staff helps ensure you not only receive our best service, but you are working with the same core people when you call or visit. Family owned and operated with employees that are “car guys.” We understand you have choices, and we pride ourselves on being a highly qualified option for your automotive needs. We not only offer exceptional service, but we are also happy to answer questions as well as provide recommendations or referrals for most of your automotive needs. 


Our ASE Master Certified Lead Technician, Duane Desouza, has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry.  Fourteen of which are Lexus and Toyota dealership experience as well as factory training.  Soon, we are celebrating 10 years in the independent auto repair industry. Our staff touts similar levels of experience in the automotive industry, and we all look forward to serving you as our customer!