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What’s In A Name?

Some of us take our names given to us at birth very seriously. On the other hand, many prefer nicknames, whether they are truncated versions of their given name (Len vs. Leonard) or something totally made up by a friend or family member.

Mechanic vs. Auto Technician

This is actually a viable concern in the automotive industry. Now hear me out! Are you looking for someone to maintain or fix your car? Often times, people will say they are looking for a mechanic. Depending on the situation, an automotive technician may be what you really need. Right or wrong, the two titles will probably get you similar results in a Google search. However, there is no doubt that a good relationship with a reputable Auto Tech is nearly as good as finding a doctor you like and trust. 

1 Person, 2 Roles

While a mechanic and a technician can often be the same person, this identifies two separate roles the person fills. Typically, not all mechanics are technicians, but technicians are usually mechanics. Think about it like this – not all chickens are roosters, but all roosters are chickens!

Automotive Technicians

offer both knowledge and the know-how to diagnose and repair the vehicle. The technician uses knowledge, experience, and often computers to diagnose problems. In contrast, the mechanic uses their hands and appropriate tools to repair the vehicle. With the increasing reliance on computers in our cars and identifying what gremlin is causing the issue, a great technician is usually supported by proper diagnostic equipment called a “scan tool.”

Not all Scan Tools are Alike…

All reputable auto repair shops have at least one scan tool on hand. More capable shops and shops that specialize in any particular make of vehicle will have the latest technology available. Not all scan tools are alike! Proper scan tools along with knowledge and experience are required to help keep your vehicle operating at its optimum.

We have recently upgraded our scan tools, which means we have the latest computer to talk to your computer in your car regardless of the car’s age. It’s not always easy talking to the newer models AND the older, but we are more than capable! Add this new equipment to our decades of experience that began with working in local Lexus & Toyota dealership service centers. Our Automotive Technicians have over 15 years each of Lexus & Toyota Factory and dealership training. We are here to support all Safety Harbor drivers. Our ASE certification and specialized training prompt us to ask that you trust us with your Lexus or Toyota!

We have been growing in Safety Harbor for over 10 years. We welcome you to support a local small business with the experience, expertise, and equipment that meets or exceeds local auto service centers at the dealerships.

We respectfully acknowledge COVID-19 concerns.