Diagnostics in Safety Harbor, FL – Duane’s Dealer Alternative


This is where experience matters and what often sets us apart from many other shops! When your vehicle seems to have a gremlin that you or even other shops can’t figure out, we often shine. Duane and our crew have an extensive knowledge base in experience that not only leads us to figure out the problem, we know how to fix it or we will give you guidance on what best to do. Some general areas where diagnostics are common:

  • Check engine light – could be so many things!
  • A/C system – it’s 90 degrees out and hotter in my car since the A/C doesn’t blow cold or maybe there’s a foul smell coming from the vents or floorboard
  • Braking system – maybe something like strange pulsing or nails on the chalkboard sound
  • Electrical system – so many possibilities, maybe just a dead battery
  • Suspension System – car just not handling like it should?